Welcome to amour vita. My name is Rabiah, and I'm a university student, studying Media and Communication. I absolutely love writing and photography, both of them are like a passion to me! I love spending time watching my favorite shows and reading books. Fashion is something that I also enjoy so sometimes this blog will have that as well.

Amour Vita is a blog where I will be posting literally everyday things, this could be considered a a lifestyle blog, but really it's about anything. From shows, to books, to reviews on beauty products and apps on mobile phones. My blog will focus on any topics or interests that hopefully is connected to you all. 

The reason to why I named my blog Amour Vita, is because amour in French means love, and vita in Italian means life. Amour Vita = Love Life. I chose the combination of French and Italian because the language  french, and France is close to me since my father's side speak that language. Italian is chosen because I simply love the country, the food, and the language is pretty awesome. Another reason why is because everyone should love their life and live it to the fullest because life is beautiful no matter how harsh it can be at times.